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Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis

Motiv Power System’s Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (EPIC) is a complete, body-ready, all-electric equivalent to the internal combustion powered chassis fleets use in their medium-duty vehicles. The EPIC chassis is CARB certified and available to all builders working with commercial chassis today. Equipped with Motiv’s Adaptive Battery Controller™, Motiv’s EPIC all-electric chassis family is available for a wide range of medium-duty body applications, including walk-in vans, box trucks, school buses, shuttle buses, work trucks, and specialty vehicles.

An EPIC all-electric chassis offers the same performance and functionality as a diesel or gasoline equipped equivalent, eliminates 100% of vehicle emissions, features smooth and nearly silent operation, and creates a healthier environment for its drivers, riders, and the communities it serves.

Motiv’s EPIC chassis launch with the Dearborn series based on standard Ford platforms. For EPIC chassis based on other OEM platforms, contact our sales team.


The Motiv EPIC Family of All-Electric Chassis

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Motiv-powered, all-electric vehicles have driven over 350,000 miles and counting!


Motiv’s EPIC all-electric chassis feature Adaptive Battery Controller™, allowing Motiv to decrease costs, increase payload, and streamline body build processes.

ABC Features and Benefits

  • Battery agnostic, allowing fleets to use their preferred battery chemistries and technologies
  • Maintains balance of power and energy usage throughout vehicle duty cycle
  • Allows vehicle to be configured with the right amount energy for the application
  • Application specific configurations give customers the ability to control speed, power, and more


Motiv’s Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (EPIC) is available for many body configurations including walk-in vans, box trucks, work trucks, shuttle buses, school buses, trolleys, and other specialty vehicles. A Motiv EPIC chassis offers uncompromised performance and functionality without the pollution, noise, heat, and vibration of combustion power.

Motiv is a Ford eQVM-approved provider of all-electric chassis for commercial trucks and buses and benefits from engineering insights and support from Ford to ensure safety and reliability. With more than 350,000 miles logged in Fortune 50 fleet deployments throughout North America, Motiv’s EPIC family eliminates 100% of vehicle emissions, dramatically reduces operating and maintenance costs, and creates a healthier environment for riders and communities, while also reducing driver fatigue.




Why Upgrade to All-Electric?

Available Incentives

While the environmental case for going all-electric was always strong, the financial case has never been better, thanks to reduced battery prices and increasing incentives.

State and Federal funding programs are available to help you ease into upgrading your fleet to all-electric, up to $200,000 per vehicle in some states with additional funding available for infrastructure. Incentives are granted on a first-come first-serve basis. Our sales team can help you determine which programs work for your fleet, navigate application processes, and procure an EPIC powered vehicle. Contact our sales team today for more information.

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