Purolator Delivery Vans

Purolator is Canada’s leading integrated integrated freight, package, and logistics solutions provider. Following its successful rollout of five Motiv-powered electric trucks in 2021, Purolator has ordered an additional 55 electric delivery vehicles for deployment in 2023 in London, Ont., Vancouver, B.C., and Quebec City, Que.

Step van with 106 or 127 kWh battery energy capacity

5 step vans deployed in Canada
55 step vans starting deployment in 2023

>50,000 miles and counting
Cold weather performance

Expanding our partnership with Motiv Power Systems represents Purolator’s growing EV deployment and leadership across Canada. After a successful experience with our first order, we’re excited to partner together on this next phase that will help us execute on our commitment to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050

—  Chris Henry, Director, National Fleets of Purolator, Inc.