Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

“Battery Performance in Fleet Electrification”
Jim Castelaz, Founder & CTO, Motiv Power Systems – Presenter

This presentation will focus on battery performance for fleets utilizing Motiv-powered all-electric trucks and buses and will highlight field operations data from several diverse fleets. Real-world examples include vehicle performance reports on routes and missions from a variety of industry verticals, including delivery services and school transportation. Motiv will also present data centered around its approach of using highly reliable and cost-effective mass-market battery packs to power these vehicles.

Electric Municipal & Commercial Vehicles: What’s Here, What’s Coming

September 16, 2021 • Virtual

Jeremy Hiler, Sr. Manager, National Accounts, Motiv Power Systems
Session Details: Thursday, September 16th at 7:30 am PDT

Tune in to Granite State, Vermont & Maine Clean Cities Coalitions’ “Medium & Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle/Tech/Equipment” webinar series geared for public & private Fleet & Business Managers, Public Works Directors, planning commissions, energy committees and other advocates & decision-makers featuring a panel of electric vehicle/technology manufacturers and providers. This is your chance to hear what’s available today and what’s coming down the road!

Electric Truck Bootcamp Series

“Drivers and Electric Trucks”
Jim Castelaz, Founder & CTO, Motiv Power Systems

Drivers play a critical role in electric truck deployments. Not only is the experience of driving an electric truck different than a diesel, but driver behavior is key to maximizing the performance of these vehicles in terms of efficiency, range, and uptime.

In this training, participants will learn:

  • What sort of training is necessary for drivers in making the switch to electric trucks?
  • How does driver behavior impact electric truck efficiency and performance?
  • What sorts of driver behaviors most impact vehicle performance and how can fleets incentivize these behaviors?
  • How can electric trucks help fleets attract and retain

Electrifying Medium- & Heavy-Duty Trucks in New York

“Available Commercial Electric Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles”
Joanna Hamblin, Senior Marketing Manager, Motiv Power Systems, Panelist

Join the New York State Clean Cities Coalitions to discuss the latest in medium- and heavy- duty battery electric trucks and charging infrastructure.

Fleet Forward Conference

“Lessons Learned from Commercial Fleet Electrification Deployments”
Matt O’Leary, Chairman & CEO, Motiv Power Systems
Eric McCann, Mid-East Fleet Manager, Bimbo Bakeries
Banny Allison, Director, Fleet Operations Support, Aramark
Serge Viola, Director, National Fleet Purolator

Apart from passenger cars, electrifying commercial vehicle fleets — from work vans and trucks to vocational medium-duty vehicles — come with unique and amplified issues surrounding infrastructure planning, navigating incentives, vehicle selection, payload, and route planning. In this panel seminar, pioneer fleet operators will share their unique challenges, problems solved, and lessons learned from actual electric commercial vehicle deployments.

How to Build an Electric Medium-duty Fleet

Jim Castelaz, Founder & CTO, Motiv Power Systems

It has been said that as of today, more than 5 million trucks in North America could be converted from fossil-fuel power to electric. The sweeping simplicity of that statement, however, belies the complexity of actually making it happen. Jim Castalez, Founder and CTO of Motive Power Systems, has been electrifying Class 4-6 delivery vehicle fleets for 12 years now. With more than a million miles under his belt, he has a few insights on how fleets can successfully make the switch from ICE to electric.

Planning for an Electric Future: Trends, Technology and Implementation

“Planning for an Electric Future: Trends, Technology and Implementation”
Joanna Hamblin, Senior Marketing Manager, Motiv Power Systems, Panelist

On-Demand Recording

This video-based course explores the planning, physical infrastructure, technical and stakeholder considerations for Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption and implementation. This course covers market trends, environmental benefits and the case for electrification of the lots, garages, and fleets. It is both educational and grounded in public and private case studies, including implementation of Colorado’s first battery-electric trolley replica vehicle in rural Colorado and electric shuttle implementation at Google’s campus in California. It defines how to create metrics for your specific needs (public or private sector) as well as outlines how to plan for the future.

USPS Zero Emissions Delivery Truck Pilot Project

“Zero Emission Truck Pilot Project Findings Webinar”
Mike Staran, Director of Corporate Accounts, Motiv Power Systems, Presenter

Join us to hear from CALSTART and Motiv Power Systems as they present their findings from the USPS Zero Emissions Delivery Truck Pilot Project Findings. The project aimed to evaluate the use of electric parcel delivery trucks within the United States Postal Service operations and reduce toxic air emissions in communities within the San Joaquin Valley.