Motiv Charging Solutions

Motiv’s proven track record of freeing fleets from fossil fuels extends from vehicle specification and chassis electrification, to charging infrastructure project planning, all the way through to post-deployment support. Our vehicle and energy solutions include high-touch support, comprehensive warranties, and asset monetization.

Motiv is staffed with experts from automotive and infrastructure industries. We have a strong and expanding partner ecosystem bringing leading solutions to our customers.

Motiv Energy Services

Turnkey Charging Solutions

Motiv provides fleets with turnkey charging infrastructure solutions for all depot locations. Available today.

Low Carbon Fuel Standards
(LCFS) Credit Rebate Program

Motiv offers revenue streams based on fleet operation and/or ownership of assets. Available today in California.

Mini case study: your Motiv-powered truck drives 20,000 miles a year. Motiv helps to set up and administer rebate programs for your fleet to earn money on your truck assets. In one year, one truck can earn up to $7,000 with the LCFS rebate program. If you own a fleet of 100 trucks, you can earn up to $700,000, in addition to fuel and maintenance cost savings with your electric fleet.

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