City of Mountain View Community Shuttles


The City of Mountain View, California provides free zero-emission transportation to its residents using 5 Motiv-powered shuttle buses. In operation since 2015, this is Motiv’s longest running fleet and is still running 365 days a year, well past the designed project lifetime.

Mountain View’s free community shuttles help keep the air clean, alleviate traffic congestion, and provide affordable transportation options to underserved communities such as seniors and youths.

Shuttle bus with 127 kWh battery energy capacity

4 deployed in 2015, 2 more in 2016

>580,000 miles and counting
Extremely positive feedback from Mountain View residents
Longest running Motiv fleet, still in daily operation

We’re happy to be working with Motiv and the City of Mountain View on the new electric community shuttles. We hope the shuttle system makes getting around a little easier–and greener–for all of our neighbors.

— Meghan Casserly, Google Spokesperson

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