August 10, 2023

Motiv Power Systems Unveils the Argo Series: A Medium-Duty EV Cab

Motiv Power Systems has introduced the Argo series, featuring the first medium-duty EV cab specifically designed from scratch. This commercial electric vehicle is capable of supporting a wide range of medium-duty applications across Class 4-6, including box trucks, step vans, shuttle buses, refrigerated vehicles, vocational vehicles, and other specialties.

The launch of the Argo is considered a strategic move that is expected to triple Motiv’s market size. Two versions of the Argo have been released. The regular Argo is available with a box length ranging from 14 feet to 30 feet, while the Argo L boxes measure 18 feet to 30 feet. Both versions have the same wheelbase, but the Argo L has a greater overall length of 26 feet to 38 feet, compared to the regular truck’s 22 feet to 38 feet.