August 8, 2023

Meet the New Medium-Duty Electric Truck: The Argo by Motiv Power Systems

There is a relative lack of new medium-duty electric trucks in the commercial market compared to light-duty vehicles. However, Motiv Power Systems, a 14-year veteran in the field, has just announced their latest addition to the lineup – the Argo. Designed from the ground up, the Argo combines a proven powertrain technology with a new driver-centric cab to deliver an unparalleled electric vehicle (EV) experience.

Motiv recognizes the growing demand for EV fleets and believes that the Argo will help meet the needs of many companies waiting for an EV solution capable of supporting a wide range of applications. This demand is especially apparent in California, where the Advanced Clean Fleet Rule is set to go into effect in 2024, requiring roughly 20,000 new zero-emission medium-duty EVs on the road by the end of that year.