Sacramento Area Schools Type A Buses


Twin Rivers Unified School District and Sacramento City Unified School District operate 11 Motiv-powered Type A buses in Sacramento County, California.

Sacramento County’s Climate Action Plan aims to reduce greenhouse gases and transportation accounts for almost half of GHG emissions for the county. Sacramento County’s Motiv-powered school buses provide students and operators a healthier, quieter, and smoother ride.

E-450 with 106 kWh battery energy capacity
11 Type A school buses deployed in 2018
Proof of performance:
>115,000 miles and counting
>97% uptime
> 102 metric tons of tailpipe emissions reduced
Motiv provided driver training and mechanic training to maximize performance and reliability

The Sacramento Regional School Bus Deployment Project is a great example of how our climate policies are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating jobs here in California. Motiv Power Systems all-electric powertrain kits are increasing the number of students who are transported in zero emission vehicles. This is especially beneficial to disadvantaged communities where poor air quality has severe health impacts for many residents. This grant puts us on the road to a cleaner California.
— Senator Bob Wieckowski, Chair of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee
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