EPIC® E-450

Ford's E-450 platform is the market leading platform for shuttle buses, small school buses, step vans, delivery trucks and work trucks. The last-mile operation and return-to-depot use case makes these vehicles a perfect candidate for electrification.

Motiv has been electrifying the E-450 for more than 5 years, with vehicles on the road today with customers like USPS, Google, UCLA, and several schools in California and New York. Today's EPIC E-450 comes with three lithium-ion battery packs, our patented AdaptEV™ software platform, and our next-gen Adaptive Battery Controller®.

EPIC E-450
Battery Packs
BMW Lithium-ion i3 batteries.
127 kWh total capacity.
Charge Plug
Level 2 19.2 kW AC charging.
Level 3 CCS1 DC Fast Charging optional.
Peak Torque Rating: 1,060 Nm / 780 ft-lbs
Clear Frame Rail Space
Battery packs between the frame rails make more space for cargo and vehicle body use.
Battery Packs
BMW Lithium-ion i3 batteries.
127 kWh total capacity.
Control Assembly
Motiv's 5th generation AdaptEV software platform provides fleets a seamless pathway to electrification.
Success Stories
OEM Platform
Ford E-450
14,500 lbs
Battery Technology
Battery Capacity
127 kWh
105 miles
Peak Motor Torque Rating
1,190 Nm / 885 ft-lbs
Max Speed
65 mph
Available Wheelbases
158", 176", 190", 210", and more
Regenerative Braking
Level 2 AC Charging
19.2 kW / J1772
Level 3 DC Fast Charging (Optional)
60 kW / CCS
Additional Options
Remote Motiv diagnostics included
Leasing and financing options available
Vehicles Using This Chassis
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