December 8, 2022

Motiv Power Systems Wins 175 New Vehicle Vouchers in California’s HVIP Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

The EV Innovator’s 2022 Tally Adds to a Combined Total of 250-Plus Vouchers for Motiv Customers

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Motiv Power Systems, the leading innovator of all-electric medium duty trucks and buses driving the backbone of modern commerce, today announced it has secured 175 new vehicle vouchers in California’s HVIP incentive program designed to speed the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) is the California program that accelerates deployment of zero-emission technologies by providing point-of-sale vouchers to make EVs more affordable.

With 39% of the nation’s electric vehicles, California is a leader in creating a fossil free future. Motiv is propelling the state’s supply of medium-duty electric trucks and buses by helping customers source funding programs, complete applications, and receive incentives. Motiv-supported HVIP vouchers awarded in 2022 have a cumulative value of $12.9M and will bring EVs to California roads for a diverse group of companies across the state.

“Companies need a partner to navigate the complex world of electric vehicles, not just in incorporating the right EVs to convert their entire fleets to zero-emission, but also in sourcing and securing the incentives that are helping to drive fleet transformations for the businesses that are the backbone of our economy,” said Tim Krauskopf, CEO of Motiv Power Systems. “At Motiv, we pride ourselves in being a true partner with customers, and our success rate for HVIP vouchers is only matched by industry-leading delivery of the vehicles that are proven in the real world. From incentives for purchase, to reliable charging infrastructure, to scaling customized EV fleets, we’re proud to walk hand in hand with the businesses marching forward with electrification.”

To date, Motiv Power Systems has secured more than 250 vouchers from HVIP and has more than 150 EVs on the road, proving its power to deliver medium-duty EVs at scale. Motiv works with customers across a broad spectrum of business including Cintas, FedEx, Aramark, Alsco, Bimbo, and more. Vehicles produced from the HVIP vouchers include parcel delivery step vans, retail goods vehicles, commercial trucks, shuttles, and school buses.

The 2031 deadline for California-based companies to replace half of their medium-duty commercial truck fossil-fueled engines makes EV fleet deployments mission-critical and highly sought after. In order to support partners through the complex and competitive voucher process, Motiv Power Systems continually seeks out new and revised funding opportunities to inform potential and current customers of new possibilities and guide them through the application process.

Motiv EVs operate at over 98 percent uptime and have more than two million miles logged in North America. Motiv’s next-generation battery, created in partnership with Our Next Energy (ONE), can deliver a range of over 150 miles while hauling a three-ton payload.

The California HVIP incentive program is still taking applications for 2022. To learn more, contact Motiv at

About Motiv Power Systems
Motiv Power Systems is the medium-duty commercial electric vehicle (EV) leader that frees fleets from fossil fuels. Founded in 2009, the Bay Area-based, commercial EV company draws on 14 years of experience to create accessible, cost-effective, and innovative EV technology for organizations that are the backbone of the economy.

Motiv has more than 150 all-electric trucks and buses on the road with businesses of all sizes, across of broad spectrum of industries, including linen, parcel, food, hospitality, airports, higher education, pupil transportation, and more. Motiv vehicles operate at over 98 percent uptime, and have logged more than two million miles, while also offering fleets up to 85 percent operation and maintenance cost savings. Motiv’s proven EV technology provides operators with a healthier, smoother, and more profitable driving experience. For more information and career opportunities, please visit

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