Life at Motiv

Motiv is freeing fleets from fossil fuel with a vision to reduce pollution and improve air quality for our environment and communities. We do this by delivering intelligent all-electric chassis for commercial vehicles, and we achieve our vision by aligning our team with the following core values:

  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Focus
  • Ownership

We drive our purpose to free fleets from fossil fuel with a deep passion which is steadfast and without fanfare; it runs deep.

With this deep passion, we twist in curiosity.  We have to know how it works, how it breaks and how we can make it better.

We focus our deep passion and curiosity on our customers; collaborating and building on each other’s ideas to find real solutions as a team which are better than we could find on our own.

Finally, at Motiv we own it.  We all take individual ownership and take pride in applying our deep passion, curiosity, and customer focus to our craft.  Because we own it, we make it work – whatever it takes.

The EV market is at a very exciting inflection point with strong demand driven by incentives, regulations, and fleet mandates coinciding with major technology breakthroughs and component cost reductions. We need to keep up with the strong interest from fleets choosing to upgrade to all-electric vehicles, and we are growing fast.

We are looking for team players who are excited about being part of a fast-moving company, curious enough to ask questions and explore new ideas, passionate enough to serve our customers and communities, and ready to take ownership of challenges and grow with us. We are a team first and foremost and we take pride in our collaborative efforts; everyone is accountable for achieving our goals.

Founded in 2009, and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Motiv Power Systems, a leading provider of software and technology to electrify medium duty commercial vehicles, is committed to freeing fleets from their dependence on fossil fuels. Motiv’s EPIC (Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis) are CARB certified, GSA approved, and available for many configurations including step vans, box trucks, work trucks, shuttle buses, school buses, trolleys, and other specialty vehicles. An EPIC offers uncompromised performance and functionality without the pollution, noise, heat, and vibration of gasoline or diesel power. Motiv is the only Ford eQVM-approved provider of all-electric chassis for commercial trucks and buses and benefits from engineering insights and support from Ford to ensure safety and reliability. With more than 500,000 miles logged among several of the largest fleet operators in the United States, the EPIC family eliminates 100% of vehicle emissions, dramatically reduces operating and maintenance costs, and creates a healthier environment for riders and communities, while also reducing driver fatigue.
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