The Motiv EPIC Family
of All-Electric Chassis

Electric Power Intelligent Chassis® (EPIC) is Motiv’s family of battery-electric chassis built on proven OEM platforms like Ford’s E-450 and F-59. The EV technology on these chassis was the first all-electric system to receive Ford eQVM approval in 2017. Since then, we have matured the technology by introducing our next-gen battery controller, the ABC®, which is lighter and more cost-effective than previous designs. We have integrated passenger car batteries that are built in high-volume automated production facilities today. In addition, our patented AdaptEV™ software platform, the brains behind EPIC’s performance and reliability, is now in its fifth generation, packed with features and improvements based on our experience from real world deployments over the past five years.

EPIC® E-450 All-Electric Chassis
Built on Ford's popular E-450 platform and electrified by Motiv™, the EPIC E-450 chassis is used for a diverse set of applications including school buses, shuttle buses, step vans, delivery trucks, and work trucks.
EPIC® F-59 All-Electric Chassis
Built on Ford's popular F-59 platform and electrified by Motiv™, the EPIC F-59 chassis available in Class 5 or 6 configurations. The F-59 chassis is the market leading platform for last mile delivery step vans, walk-in vans, and food trucks.
EPIC® F-53 All-Electric Chassis
Built on Ford's popular F-53 platform electrified by Motiv™, the EPIC F-53 chassis is used for trolley buses and specialty applications such as mobile health and mobile education vehicles.
EPIC® E-450
EPIC® F-59
EPIC® F-53

Inside the EPIC Chassis

Motiv's patented control system has been a key enabler in the success of our deployments. Our unique approach of independently controlling each battery pack has resulted in not only improved performance, but also improved reliability, due to the built in redundancy. Over the years, we have improved our control system architecture by adding feature functionality while reducing cost and weight.
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