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July 14, 2022

Giant Food Deploys Motiv’s All-Electric Delivery Trucks

Motiv’s founder and CTO, Jim Castelaz, joined Giant’s Doug Duvall and Maryland Lt Governor Boyd K. Rutherford, and other officials for Giant's launch of its first all-electric delivery vehicles. Read more
June 7, 2022

Giant adds electric trucks to Baltimore-area delivery fleet

The Baltimore region's largest grocery store chain, Giant Food, is adding two new Motiv electric step vans to its delivery fleet as the food retailer begins to shift to all-electric. Read more
May 18, 2022

Motiv Power Systems announces 6th-generation powertrain, 100 new orders

Motiv Power Systems, a manufacturer of medium-duty electric trucks and buses, has secured more than 100 new orders via California’s HVIP program, which offers point-of-purchase price reductions for fleet EV buyers. Read more
May 9, 2022

Motiv Power Systems New President & Talks Growth

Medium-duty electric truck and bus provider Motiv Power Systems announced the recent appointment of Lisa McClung as president and chief commercial officer and secured 100+ new orders through Californi... Read more
April 19, 2022

Purolator “steps up” to innovate for the climate

Transitioning a fleet of combustion engine vehicles to those powered by electricity presents significant financial and technological challenges. However, public departments and private corporations across Canada and the United States are now on the path to a green energy future with the help of partners who have the expertise, the interest, and in some cases the capital, to assist them in making the switch. Read more
March 8, 2022

Electric Truck With 3-Ton Payload Goes 150 Miles On A Charge Using Tech From Motiv And ONE

Motiv electric truck hauling 6,000 pounds travels over 150 miles in new field test. Read more
December 14, 2021

Is It Time For The Humble Yellow School Bus To Go Green?

Times are changing and now the United States’ bus fleet is on the cusp of an exciting transformation into something greener, cleaner and most importantly of all, less polluting. Read more
September 27, 2021

How fleets with an owner-operator model can go greener

Trucking companies that rely on purchased transportation get creative to work through sustainability challenges. Read more
August 31, 2021

ACT Expo 2021: Fifth Annual Fleet Awards Honors Green, Sustainable Fleets

At this year’s ACT Expo annual Fleet Awards event, seven fleet operators were recognized for extraordinary accomplishments that serve as examples for fleet operators worldwide, related to emission reduction and sustainability. Read more
August 8, 2021

Riding On Electric School Buses (ESBs) Improves Your ABC’s

Decades of public health studies have indicated significant respiratory and cognitive impacts associated with high levels of gas and diesel vehicle emissions. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and people sheltered at home, we saw a significant reduction in tailpipe emissions, particularly in urban areas where pollution concentrations tend to be the highest. Read more

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