October 21, 2021

California HVIP Round 3 Opens 10/28/21


Motiv-Powered Trucks & Buses are HVIP-Approved!



$62M Available! What does this mean for you?



About California HVIP

The Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Project (HVIP) makes clean vehicles more affordable for fleet operators through point-of-purchase price reductions. HVIP vouchers can be considered a type of “coupon” that fleet operators use at the time of placing their purchase order.


Who can use the funds?

Any private or public fleet operator with medium to heavy-duty vehicles operating in California. HVIP-awarded vehicles must remain in California for the next three years. Any fleet size is eligible. No vehicle scrapping necessary.


How does HVIP work?

Fleet operators should connect with their dealers today to get started on the voucher application process. If you don’t have a dealer, we can connect you with one in your area.  Contact us to get started.

$62M will be available on October 28. Funding will be dispersed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A valid and signed Purchase Order (or other binding Agreement, Contract, Buyer’s Order, or action/resolution by a government entity’s governing body) is required to place the voucher request.


I’m a fleet operator – what do I need to do?

Contact your dealer today to begin the voucher application process. If you don’t have a dealer, contact us and we can assist you.


I’m a dealer – what do I need to do?

You are our HVIP champions! Dealers are responsible for completing voucher requests and coordinating with fleet operators (purchasers) and manufacturers/suppliers.


Is HVIP stackable with other funding?

Yes, depending on your fleet location. We can help you find and apply for stackable incentives.


I have general questions about charging infrastructure. Where do we begin?

We can help plan and install charging infrastructure. Our Quickstart Program gets EVs on the road the day they are delivered.


Is there funding for infrastructure?

Yes, funding is available. We can help you find and apply for infrastructure incentives.



Have more questions about available funding
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