Shuttle Bus

Our electric shuttle buses can be used for many transportation applications, including public transit, airports, hotels, university and corporate campuses, parking lots and more.

Motiv has been deploying electric shuttle buses since 2015, with our first electric shuttle bus recording more than 100,000 miles to date.  Today, Motiv works with several industry leading shuttle bus builders to bring electric versions of their popular bus brands to market. Combining our EV expertise with their bus manufacturing experience provides best-in-class electric buses to fleets nationwide.

Built with our Partners
OEM Platform
Ford E-450
14,500 lbs
Battery Technology
BMW Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity
127 kWh
105 miles
Peak Motor Power Rating
190 kW / 255 hp
Peak Motor Torque Rating
1,200 Nm / 885 ft-lbs
Max Speed
65 mph
Regenerative Braking
Level 2 AC Charging
19.2 kW / J1772
Level 3 DC Fast Charging
60 kW / CCS
Additional Options
Remote Motiv diagnostics included
Wheelchair lift control and interlock support
Various seating configurations available
Leasing and financing options available
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