Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses are popular vehicle solutions for hospitals, corporate campuses, hospitality centers, universities, and more. All-electric shuttle buses provide passengers and operators with a healthier, smoother, quieter, and more comfortable ride by eliminating toxic tail-pipe emissions, vibrations, and noise.

Motiv has been electrifying shuttle buses for a variety of uses since 2015. In fact, the first Motiv shuttle bus fleet is still operating daily with more than 600,000 miles.

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Features and Benefits
  • Up to 85% operating and maintenance savings
  • Proprietary 5th generation technology
  • Commercially proven battery packs
  • More than 170 vehicles and 1.8 million miles
  • Independent battery control improves reliability, range, and performance
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Lift gate control and interlock support
  • Multiple body configurations available
  • Proprietary Hill Hold technology ensures vehicle and driver safety
  • Manual parking brake for state and federal compliance
  • Unique redundant high voltage safety systems protects operator and vehicle
  • Customizable regenerative braking settings for maximum range and operator comfort
  • Unique Electronic Stabilization Control helps prevent roll over or skidding during sudden deceleration
  • Proprietary AdaptEV™ and Adaptive Battery Controller (ABC) manage battery temperatures to optimize charging, cold weather performance, and safety
OEM Platform
Ford E-450
14,500 lbs
Battery Technology
Battery Capacity
127 kWh
Range at Max GVWR
105 miles
Max Speed
65 mph
Overall Length
Peak Motor Power Rating
295 kW / 394 hp
Peak Motor Torque Rating
1,190 Nm / 870 ft-lbs
Regenerative Braking
Passenger Count
Up to 16 passengers, configurations vary based on weight
Level 2 AC Charging
19.2 kW / J1772
Level 3 DC Fast Charging (Optional)
60 kW / CCS
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