Electrify Any Truck

Reducing transportation costs and freeing trucks from oil

The Motiv electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) uses commercially-available battery packs and motors to make reliable all-electric trucks and buses with the same chassis and bodies as their fossil-fueled counterparts.  The only difference is what’s powering the truck – clean, cheap, stable electricity!




Leading the Charge

Motiv has delivered America’s first and only all-electric garbage truck and only new California certified  all-electric school bus.  Additionally, the Motiv ePCS has run two separate battery types on the same vehicle; something not possible for any non-Motiv powered EV truck. Motiv leads in innovation, scalability and technology transfer capability.

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Our vision is to enable truck manufacturers to build trucks that are not reliant on fossil fuel.  At the heart of this vision is a core belief in the ingenuity, skill and hard work of the USA truck and bus manufacturers that we rely on to make Motiv-equipped electric trucks and buses.  With Motiv’s technology, we can breathe new life into US truck manufacturing – and this is on top of Motiv’s own manufacturing which occurs in Hayward, California.

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While our trucks are powered by electricity, the Motiv team is fueled with passion to move the transportation industry into the 21st Century.

Today, the Motiv team is motivated by enthusiasm for building quality all-electric trucks. Helping fleets reduce their transportation costs, as well as their carbon footprints, charges us to strive for the highest levels of innovation, reliability, and customer service. Changing the world one truck at a time is a great gig.

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